VSG Services

Our Promise

Visiontech Solutions Group provides metal, plastic, electronics and electro-mechanical devices through custom programs that utilize our global sourcing and supply chain expertise. North American manufacturers who partner with us enjoy substantial cost savings, world-class supply assurance, and exceptional customer support.

We help you create a most competitive supply chain by

  1. Lowering your total acquisition costs.
  2. Providing high-reliability components, assemblies and turnkey systems that meet and exceed your requirements.
  3. Removing the issues and problems associated with supply chain coordination, freeing up time and resources for your organization.

Project Assessment

We listen to your unique technical, quality, cost, and fulfillment requirements in order to develop a list of essential product criteria and quality measurements. This ensures we identify the right solution for your business objectives. We typically take our assessment one step further by completing a free analysis of your BOMs and AVL to reveal additional cost and quality improvement opportunities. 

Sourcing, Manufacturing, Inspections and Certifications

Visiontech Solutions Group will take on the process of coordinating and managing your supply chain. From prototype and first article to full production, we provide fully transparent communication throughout the process. Factory audits, inspections, certificates of compliance, test reports and other industry specific documentation are all part of the service that we provide to you. We monitor your forecasts and anticipate disruption caused by variances in actual demand. If your product is manufactured overseas, we will have boots on the ground working on your side and protecting your business interests. 


We manage your timeline, distribution, fulfillment, and customs’ process. We manage your timeline, distribution, fulfillment, and customs’ process. At any given time, we know where your product is in the manufacturing, freight forwarding, and warehousing process.

Warehousing and Delivery

Visiontech’s warehousing facilities work together with our 3PL partners to manage your inventory, provide safety stock, and use various lean manufacturing methods such as Kanban and JIT delivery.