VSG Solutions

comprehensive solution for supply chain management


You seek to achieve cost reduction and cleanse your balance sheet, or you want to mitigate market disruption and avoid top revenue disruption because of line down or stock out situations, or you need access to critical design-for-manufacturing expertise and mitigate most of the production risks. Regardless of the simplicity or complexity of your paint points, we’ll listen to you and bring our supply chain expertise and access to global markets – all without you incurring new administrative and overhead costs.

Our depth of capabilities allows us to provide you with the precise combination of services that you need the most. We deliver components and parts custom built to your specifications, with a world-class level of personal attention and customer service.

Cost savings will flow directly to your bottom line.

Custom tailored solutions backed by exceptional customer support.

Services critical to supply chain reliability

Industries We Serve

  • Electronic Components & Devices
  • Industrial Measurement & Control Equipment
  • Lighting Components & Equipment
  • Medical Products
  • Metal Components & Equipment
  • Telecommunication Products

Range of Products

  • Magnetic components: Inductors, thermistors, chokes, coils, transformers
  • Electrical components: Cables and wires, power supply, adapters
  • Electronic components: Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBA)
  • Kiosks and displays: digital signage, displays, turnkey kiosks, touch displays, tablets
  • LED lighting: epanel, troffers, shoplights, downlights, tracklighting, LED drivers
  • Plastics: IM plastics, Extrusions
  • Metal and Mechanical: sheet metal, castings, extrusions. Example of applications: cabinets, custom racks, casings and springs
  • Wireless Communications: integration of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mesh networks, 5G components

Some of Our Customers