Global Sourcing Solutions


We serve many SMEs that don’t have the volume, internal resources, or expertise to consider a global sourcing solution. Whether you need a standard or custom product, sub-assembly, or full assembly, our global reach allows you to realize meaningful savings while maintaining your high-quality standards.

When you work with Visiontech Solutions Group, you realize lower manufacturing costs by sourcing globally without having to invest in a local presence. VSG locates, partners, and coordinates with reliable and economical providers of products and components for your manufacturing processes. Our partnerships are in low-cost countries, as well as the U.S. and China. We don’t just source, we qualify and monitor the manufacturing process. Our in-country office in China gives you peace of mind, while guaranteeing excellence in your program’s execution. 

Our unique solutions help you drive down your total acquisition costs without sacrificing performance. Typically, 80% of the cost drivers in your project come from 20% of the items. Give us your cost drivers and VSG will leverage our global sourcing relationships and provide a cost reduction strategy for each item. This is a free service we offer because we believe transparency is essential for a strong partnership. We’ll tell you where we believe we can make a difference for you and where we cannot.