Supply Chain Management Solutions

We work with organizations of all sizes to help them attain their business goals. Traditional costing methods typically overlook between 20-40% of the actual costs of acquisition, and they do nothing to reduce your pain points.  

Typical Problems We Solve

We’ve listened. After years working with various types of organizations, we understand the issues and scenarios you may be facing: 

  • You want the best price and you need parts when you need them. It’s a constant struggle to ensure parts are available while also controlling costs.
  • You have quality issues and unreliable supply of parts, sub-assemblies, or complete assemblies
  • You are single-sourced and need to diversify your supplier base and disruption risk. 
  • You are buried in complexity and need help managing your supply chain. 
  • You are looking to consolidate your supplier base (AVL) and buy from fewer sources.
  • You are short-staffed. You need help managing some or all of your supply chain
  • You want safety stock but you don’t want it to impact your cash flow and balance sheet
  • You lack engineering expertise and need help designing for a custom part or NPI. 
  • Parts and EOL products are hard to source.  You need a partner to help you.

Solutions We Provide

VSG has perfected solutions that address your problems and help you overcome your challenges.  

  • We eliminate margin stackings in your sourcing and create a favorable PPV right away. 
  • We identify the root cause of your current supplier issues and the adequate solution for you. 
  • We identify new sources to expand your AVL on key parts. 
  • We take some of your supply chain management over complex programs while reducing your costs. 
  • We become your sole point of contact – reliable and always available. 
  • We manage your sourcing needs and supply chain so you can avoid additional overhead costs. 
  • We manage coordination between multiple suppliers to facilitate the assembly of your complex product. 
  • We leverage real-time market fluctuations and capture immediate savings based on market changes. 
  • We provide assurance of supply through safety stock. 
  • We provide advantageous terms and hold your inventory. 
  • We help negotiate last time buys, stock end-of-life components so you can mitigate capital outlay and have more time for redesign.